Hybrid solutions


Hybrid events are the future.

They allow for a seamless integration of technology to facilitate participation between a live and virtual audience.

There will always be attendees who would love to attend, but cannot for one reason or another. A study found that nearly 98% of attendees at a hybrid event were not planning to attend live23% of event organizers who hosted a hybrid event said more attendees participated in future events, and 65% said they saw no change in live attendance. 



Hybrid events allow you to increase your reach and gain more attendees, while ensure a higher engagement with you onsite and online audiences. Allowing for reduced environmental and travel costs, hybrid events show improved return on investment, while enabling for the collection of valuable data and metrics about the interactions between your participants.

Showing greater agility, greater flexibility, hybrid events also allow for a greater scalability. 


Hybrid events come with their own challenges. OxCo shares its unique experience with regard to:

scheduling synchronous and asynchronous sessions across time zones,

designing parallel activities for onsite and online attendees,

livestreaming talk and Q&As,

designing branded video assets allowing for TV-quality broadcast

organising simultaneous online and remote catering,

convening transnational social events – including wine tasting sessions

organising innovative digital activities

putting your online and live audience on the same level with our unique event matchmaking software

producing post-conference videos featuring online and onsite participants 

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