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OxCo builds strategic partnerships with academics and academic departments worldwide to develop video growth and engagement strategies integrated with your long term goals.  We produce content tailored to the needs of each research project, building on a vast experience in video production and a deep understanding of academic communications. Our videos are specifically designed to optimise factual accuracy, cost efficiency, and research impact (see our portfolio to get a flavour of what we do).

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Academic institutions need to develop bespoke digital media strategies integrating video content that meets their long term goals. At OxCo, we know that academic institutions operate in a complex and highly competitive environment. Videos cut across the core mission of educational institutions, relevant to research, teaching, and public engagement, as well as outreach and, crucially, fundraising. Developing a coherent digital media strategy suited to your own priorities takes work and experience.

The present scientific environment gives you countless reasons to turn to video specialists. Research Communications specialists have often been trained for a world where text and static images mattered more than videos posted on Twitter and TikTok. But what about now, and tomorrow?

We offer

To help academics make the most out of the current environment, OxCo provides consulting services covering the following aspects.

  • Your science communication goals 

In conversation with you, we identify what success would look like for you, and based on preliminary assessment of your objectives, we devise solutions to produce bespoke assets and advise on all things video strategy, including: shelf-life, re-purposing, audience targeting, measurement and engagement.

This first step is key to determine the type of support required, be it for a specific video or your next media campaigns. Depending on your needs and resources, it might be best to upskill your comms team or commission videos – we do both. We are here to help you meet your goals.

    • Your visual identity in motion

    Once your overall strategy and the goal of each video is clearly defined, we’ll spring into action. We develop creative concepts that meet your goals and visual identity, to set your communications into motion. We advise on best suited style and technique and agree with you on the assets to be developed. Visit our Video Production Portfolio page to get a sense of what we can offer.

    We’re used to working with university departments with in-house video teams, but we also work with smaller units and individuals. Our team works based on extensive experience in research impact, academic engagement, video production, and science communication. We are based in Oxford and collaborate with academics and universities worldwide. 

    • Dissemination

    There are many ways to disseminate video content – having an overall coherent strategy is key to making the most of each channel. Expert in academic communication, we advise on how to combine internal communications (e.g. newsletters, internal events) with outward facing communications (traditional and social media) to optimise audience engagement. We cover each step of the process, including the timing of draft of press releases and online posts optimised for each media platform. We agree with you on relevant metrics to assess and impact and iterate over the years.

    The initial consultation is complimentary – book now.