Video Production: a Case Study

OxCo offers A to Z video production with unlimited rounds of revisions. This case study features a collaboration with Oxford’s Social Sciences Division.


Visual concepts: from branding to scripting

What you need when you need it

A ‘discovery meeting’ allows our team to understand the general objectives of each project (in this case: a video series depicting research impact partnerships between academia and industry) and specific requirements. For example, 4 short videos for staggered release.

To ensure that each video production project fits within our partners’ broader communications’ strategy, we go over the branding guidelines (if unavailable, we can help!), and discuss recent and future campaigns. We also make sure we understand the ideal level of support that you would need to enable you to be as involved as you want to be. We know that academic communications teams can get busy and will always work around your schedule. Based on this first chat, we select relevant examples of videos we have produced and suggest a style that fits your budget and timeline.

In this case, we suggested inserting the interviews with researchers (conducted in-person) and external partners (conducted remotely) into a branded template to create a coherent video series matching Oxford’s Social Sciences Division branding guidelines. In addition to a series of videos, our partner saw value in acquiring visual assets relevant to a wide range of science and academic communications projects (see below).


Production: our professional studio with your research centre

Our team provides with you a range of expertise relevant to producing high impact research videos.

  • Our designers specialize in branding, animated logos, and videos templates. They will also advise on typography.
  • Our admin team provides support to arrange interviews, obtain the authorization to film, and ensure that all the consent forms are duly filled before the first shooting.
  • Our academic team: scripts the video, does preliminary research on the topic to be covered, and prepares the interview questions. The interview questions are usually shared in advance with the interviewees, along with a briefing to optimize filmed interviews (whether in-person or remotely)
  • Our video team advises on filming locations and provides a full professional video studio on location with a set of 4K cameras, advanced lighting rigs, audio setup, and green screen. The team usually shoots B-roll as well and happily shares all raw footage recorded for future projects.

Case Study: Video 1


Post production: meaningful video editing

We enjoy working collaboratively and always welcome input. To make sure we are all on the same page, we generate transcripts of the whole interviews and highlight the segment selected, enabling you to easily suggest edits.

Our in-house designers create custom motion graphics. Our editors combine video assets (for example your template, logo, motion graphics if available) with original footage.

The producer in charge supervises the implementation of the script, selects appropriate background music and sound effects, and coordinates the feedback process, so as to ensure each deadline is met.

We offer unlimited rounds of revisions, until the video is approved and signed off by the relevant parties.

In this specific case, we revised the video based on feedback from each interviewee, from the PR teams of the external partners (who were Amazon, HIAS, and, and from the comms team of each Oxford Department involved, before getting the video signed off by the Social Sciences Division.

Case Study: Video 2


Diffusion: maximizing impact

OxCo has a unique approach to diffusing video content – drawing on decades of experience releasing research impact, academic engagement and science communication videos using various channels.

We support our clients to determine the best possible distribution strategy. Based on the action plan defined, we create tailored thumbnails and GIFs for social media and email marketing, and assist in creating academic communications packs including appropriate messaging formatted for each social media platform.

We upload the final version and provide accessible versions – and help amplify your campaigns as we know that engagement is key to impactful video production projects.

Case Study: Video 3


Summary: video showreel

Feel free to watch a short showreel of the videos to the right.

We hope you like them. OxCo is committed to producing videos that educate and enlighten the world.

We tailor our approach to each project, so if you want to find out how we can help you bring research to life, arrange a free consultation using the button below:

Case Study: Video 4