Video Production

Video Production for Research, Impact, Engagement and Science Communication

OxCo use the latest advances in AI video technology to ensure our academic video production services provide the best possible research impacts for our clients. We optimise for factual accuracy, cost efficiency, and academic engagement, ensuring that research findings are transformed into dynamic and visually compelling narratives.

We create all kinds of videos, including Animated Explainers, Interviews, Project Overviews, Talks, Seminars, Social Media, Science Communication, Public Engagement.

Our dynamic team of creative professionals each bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to design successful digital media strategies that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

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Or watch the following case study video about The Fastest Bicycle in the World.

Video Production Portfolio

Science Communication
Public Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement

How Climate Smart Cocoa Builds Sustainable Communities

A Conversation with Daniel Kahneman

Care Pakistan

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

WRC Conference Showreel

A conversation with: Daniel Kahneman

A conversation with: Michael Plants

A conversation with: Lord Gus O’Donnell

The Science of Happiness: & WRC

Making A Difference: Series Showreel

AI Bias Detection Tool Developed at Oxford

What is a Video Template?

The Fastest Bicycle in the World

Bright Spots: Staying Connected Report Release

Crowd Garden Promo Video

OxCo Animation Showreel 2023

AIESEC International: Why We Do What We Do

Talk Together: Showreel

A conversation with Daniel Kahneman

Talk Together 2/4: Where will the Material Come From?

WRC Launch and Roundtable

OxCo Video Showcase Trailer 2021

The Re-Think Project

Amy Cuddy: Sound Bite

World Bank Event Showreel

Fiskeschrift: Thank You’s

Talk Together 1/4: What is Important?

What is Heritage Science?

Oxco Video Training - IMPACTFUL

Love & Work Seminar: Prof Susan T. Fiske

Leveraging Economic Theory to Improve Outcomes for Resettled Refugees

A conversation with: Martin Dewhurst

A conversation with: Andrew Gibbons

Video as a research tool 2023-2024

Talk Together 4/4: What do we Expect from Good Tests?

A conversation with: Marco Alvera

A conversation with: Alonzo Plough

A conversation with Carol Graham

A conversation with Charlotte Lockheart

Talk Together 3/4: What to Check Statistically About a Test

A conversation with: Manjit Jus

A conversation with: Josh Krichefski

A conversation with: Bruce Greenhalgh

The final product is yours – copyright included – and you can use it to reach out to various audiences, including:

– colleagues and peers
– students
– funders and partners

– policymakers and stakeholders
– journalists
– the general public.

You can use your video content in various contexts, including: personal and professional websites, social media accounts, job or grant applications, conferences and public events – get in touch for video strategy consulting and see the options available to you here.