Case Study:

Princeton Fiskeschrift 2023

This event was an opportunity to celebrate the immense achievements of Prof. Susan T. Fiske and allow leading social psychologists from all over the world to come together at Princeton University to pay tribute to her work.

Princeton’s Department of Psychology commissioned OxCo to take charge of the entire audio-visual operation of this high-profile gathering, before, during, and after the event. Find out more about how we work by viewing our Video Events and Conference Case Study or watch some of the conference video highlights below:


Science Communication
Public Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement

Doug Massey - Introduction

Jennifer Berdahl

Jennifer Eberhardt

Mike North

Lasana Harris

Cydney Dupree

Janet Ruscher

Don Operario

Peter Glick

Amy Cuddy

Steve Neuberg

Making the world a better place

A short introduction to Peter Glick's songs

A short introduction to Lasana Harris's research

Of scales

Make science move forward

Fighting for the ideas

Susan, who likes people

Exploring different ways of doing things

Of best collaborations and teamwork

The wisdom business

Doug Massey - Concluding Remarks

Nicolas Kervyn

Energy and openness to ideas

Race, Status and Occupations, Cydney Dupree

Social Psychology and Marketing, Nicolas Kervyn

The Five Fiske-isms, Don Operario

Origin Story, Amy Cuddy

Mother Tree, Jennifer Berdahl

Attention and Power, Jennifer Berdahl

Dehumanization, Lasana Harris

Susan, the Resource on Social Psychology, Mike North

The Envy Quadrant, Mina Cikara

Distilling Structure, Mina Cikara

Testifying against Price Waterhouse, Janet Ruscher

The Continuum Model, Steve Neuberg

A short introduction to Mike North's research

A short introduction to Maurice Crul's and Frans Lelie's research

Fiskeschrift - Mr. Postman

Fiskeschrift - Good As Hell

Fiskeschrift - Waterhouse