Video Training for Academics

Learn to produce high quality videos 

OxCo’s academic video training programmes cover a full curriculum in video-creation, from script development to dissemination strategy.

They equip participants with a powerful toolkit of techniques and a creative foundation adaptable to a wide variety of digital projects. By the end of the training, participants have all the resources they need to leverage the latest AI powered technologies to create videos that maximise research impact, academic engagement and science communication.  

Video tools became essential in the current research environment –  learning to video is relevant to research, teaching, as well as impact activities. To allow academics to make the most out of today’s academic landscape, OxCo trains faculty members (researchers, professors, lecturers), staff members (communication managers and media officers), as well as postgraduate and postdoctoral students. All participants engage in an active, hands-on learning experiences, during which they will produce their own videos.

In line with the core missions of academic institutions, we offer three training programmes focusing on: research (see ‘Video as a Research Tool‘), teaching (see ‘Hybrid Pedagogy‘) and impact (see ‘Your Research in Film‘).


Video tools offer new opportunities to collect and analyse data.


Engage your students: get support to design interactive e-classes


Evolve your research papers into videos to widen your audience

Features and benefits

Develop script-writing skills
Lean how to record high-quality voiceovers
Leverage stock footage and photo libraries
Learn how to set up an effective home-studio
Develop your presentation skills
Create quick and easy animated videos
Train individually or as a team or department
Part time and flexible learning
Learn to create videos using AI tools
Maximum impact

Upcoming trainings

University of Oxford (September 2023 – June 2024), School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography staff and students

University of Oxford (September 2023 – June 2024), Humanities Division researchers

University of Oxford (January – September 2023), Social Sciences Division researchers

The Open University, University of Reading, and Oxford Brookes University and the University of Oxford (April 2022 – February 2023), researchers from across the ESRC IAA O²RB Partnership

University of Oxford (April- June 2022), School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography

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Train your research teams, research centres, and academic departments