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New videos technologies and AI provide opportunities that pen & paper cannot offer. Our unique combination of AI enabled video solutions are designed to make for the best possible research outcomes in today’s world. We produce videos in collaboration with researchers, we teach academics how to leverage AI to create their own video content, and we convene unique hybrid events.

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💙 On this #BlueMonday we look towards hope: how can we measure it, and how can we build upon it to improve #wellbeing?

We were honoured to be joined by Prof Carol Graham (@cgbrookings) of @BrookingsInst in 2022 to discuss the topic.

Full video👉

Just wanted to share some astonishing stats in case you’re wondering whether your next piece of content should be text or video. 👀

And if you still think video is hard to produce, let us just tell you —

it’s not. 😉

AI text-to-video isn't quite there yet but it's getting close. There are some fun tools that we can play with now but they aren't quite "it" yet. Either way, I'm excited where this is headed. Check out my video on the current state of text-to-video:


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