Express Video Training

Produce your first videos

The 6 hour “express” video training is designed to optimise for fast learning proficiency, equipping participants with a powerful toolkit to create their own videos.

Compatible with busy schedules, it teaches academics how to use stock footage, typography and basic editing software to create your own videos, while providing universities with a bank of short videos that can be used for internal and external communications. It can also foster connections across disciplines and departments, while generating excitement about research and digital tools.

This half-day training provides a compelling introduction to why and how use video tools in academia, and a hands-on tutorial to use the editing software Adobe Premiere Rush. It also provides participants with a powerful catalogue of online resources, including access to multimedia content libraries, how to film effectively using an at-home setup, and important issues to know pertaining to copyright. After this half-day training, participants have 3 months to create a one-minute video introduction to a topic of their choice. Participants receive continued support through a collaboration channel (Slack) populated by a remote team of professional videographers. 

This express training is designed to fit the needs of universities and departments willing to give a head start to their staff members and students. Emphasis is NOT placed on a classical or technical understanding, but on leveraging automation tools to shortcut the process to proficiency. We offer a number of more comprehensive trainings that range from e-classes (e-teaching workshop series) to short video explainers (impact workshop series). To find out more about previous trainings, click here).


Video tools offer new opportunities to collect and analyse data.


Engage your students: get support to design interactive e-classes


Evolve your research papers into videos to widen your audience

Features and benefits

Develop script-writing skills
Lean how to record high-quality voiceovers
Leverage stock footage and photo libraries
Develop editing proficiency
 Train individually or as a team or department
Part time and flexible learning
Maximum impact

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