In the the academic tapestry of 2024, video emerges as a potent catalyst for enlightenment. More than a medium; it is a transformative force, transcending the static boundaries of traditional scholarship and fostering a deeper connection between information and intelligence.

Why OxCo?

OxCo is an academic video company in Oxford, operating worldwide. It’s a collaboration between some of the world’s foremost academics, scientific communicators, animators and videographers who’ve made it our mission to “bring research to life” by transfiguring traditional scholarship: the hard-won thoughts, ideas and research outcomes of academics – into the realm of light, colour, shape, sound, motion and emotion, so that ideas can be better understood, and so that ideas can be more broadly understood, both within academia and amongst the general public. 

In this pursuit, OxCo trains academics in video production techniques, we produce videos for universities and university departments, and we convene unique hybrid academic conferences and events. 

We’ve been extremely fortunate to work with some of the most prestigious institutions on the planet and we’re proud to say our partnerships with leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence are enabling us and our partners to produce extremely high calibre video content, in a manner that is both time sensitive and cost-effective for scholars, as they seek to maximise research impact and academic engagement with their work.

We believe in the importance of disseminating and democratising knowledge. We believe in upholding high standards of academic rigour and scientific integrity. And we believe video technologies should be one of the cornerstones in any sincere effort to communicate research.

In this regard, please feel free to reach out to us any time to discuss your projects. We have a truly incredible team of academic and videographic experts who will gladly help you think through your digital media strategy.