In the tapestry of 2023 academia, video emerges as a potent catalyst for enlightenment. More than a medium; it is a transformative force, transcending the static boundaries of traditional scholarship and fostering a deeper connection between information and intelligence.


Video tools became essential to research and teaching. [0] And yet, academics do not have the technical skills required to produce high-quality video content. [1] Shifting online generated increased workload, stress and disengagement among academics, leading to poorer research outcomes. [2] It does not have to be that way. OxCo draws on an intersectoral collaboration between scholars and videographers to produce tailored high-quality video content 

OxCo produces video content for academics, trains researchers and departments in video production, and convenes unique e-events and conferences. 

With their improved cost-efficiency and reach, online and hybrid events are the future of academiaThey are also better for the planet.

For conference organisers, virtual meetings mean lighter logistics, and substantially lower costs [3]– while drawing larger crowds. Online events are more efficient. For participants, they mean less travel time, no jet lag, and no hassle with airport taxis and hotel bookings [4,3]. Online conferences are more democratic, scalable, and accessible. That’s why we developed our skillset  around organising stunning e-conferences. There is, however, a missing ingredient in this equation: in-person conferences can be a lot of fun. At OxCo, we know that informal conversations can develop into ground-breaking collaborations. That’s why we convene exhilarating scientific events, enabling scholars to connect over formal sessions, as well as social and networking activities, designed to enhance online academic life.

Hybrid conferences offer the best of both worlds, where possible. They do require a specific skillset and the right equipment. OxCo specialises in supporting conference organisers from A to Z – from the promotion of the event to the livestreaming of each talk on the day. We also produce high-end post-conferences videos to allow everyone to benefit from inspiring talks.

Crucially, we know that video is here to stay – it became the new medium to communicate ideas in engaging and impactful way. Because we believe that academics have important findings to share with the wider world, we teach them how to create high-quality video content. Participants on our courses use their new skills in various ways, including: the creation of e-lectures, the collection of original data, or the release of videos promoting their latest publications. Learning to video has never been so easy – and so useful. 


Our team wants to engage people around the world with valuable scientific knowledge. We use video to bring research to life.

Building on a vast amount of experience with organising and running academic conferences, and on a decade of experience in producing high-quality video content, our team meets the needs of academics, today. Find out more about our different formats here

Tell us about your work, and our dedicated team will help you reach your professionnal objectives.


OxCo is a for-profit educational company. 

In conversation with academic institutions:

– we produce academic videos simplexifying complex ideas to increase the impact of science,

– we teach academics how to produce their own video content,

– we design bespoke online and hybrid events – including interactive sessions allowing scholars to connect over engaging content.