Interactive Murals


Conferences generate a lot of insights. Academic conferences, in particular, can be dense. 

OxCo Interactive Murals are a unique way to synthetise knowledge-rich events into a single engaging visual production – allowing both onsite and online participants to contribute to the final art piece, produced during the conference, and to connect with each other.


Before the event: a video artist creates scenes for a baseline mural  based on the conference agenda. 

At the start of the event: the digital mural is displayed (in the main area with a projector for onsite participants; on a dynamic webpage for online participants). Only conference participants can see the mural during the event. To the left of the screen is a QR code allowing participants to contribute content to the mural.

During the event: all participants can submit entries, including: a key statistic, a favourite quotation, a link to a research paper or study and a photo or video taken with their phone. They can chose to link their entries to their LinkedIn profiles or not.

As conference participants submit their entries, the digital artist populates the mural with information, adjoined with the name of the contributors, alongside a QR code linked to their Linkedin profile, for those granting permission to do so. Viewers will be able to scan the QR codes of submissions and connect with fellow conference members. 

As the conference progresses, the digital artist populates the mural with more content highlights using colourful shapes and patterns, typography, animated icons as well as GIFs, photos, and short videos – to bring forth key highlights and learnings from each day.

The final mural will be unveiled to mark the end of the conference and shared on social media.