Impact: Your Research in Film

Video for impact: sharing research findings with the world

Video tools are associated with cognitive gains, conveying more information in less time and leading to higher retention of information. They can elicit positive viewer action and engagement in more efficient ways than traditional methods. As such, they also allow scholars to reach out to audiences that will not normally read a research article.

Video tools are uniquely suited to disseminate research findings to policymakers, stakeholders, funding bodies, journalists, as well as the general public.

And yet, evolving a research project into a compelling video takes some skills – those we teach in our impact workshop series.

Our impact video workshop series is structured in 6 modules, ideally spread over the course of two terms. A team gathering journalists, communications specialists, digital media specialists, and videographers provides step-by-step support to produce short video explainers. Each participant engages in an active hands-on learning experience covering each step of the video process, from script development to dissemination strategy.

Combining theoretical knowledge, practical tutorials, and a range of interactive activities, the series develops academics’ knowledge and practical skills, while providing opportunities for public engagement. By doing so, it helps scholars maximise the impact of their work and generate excitement about research more broadly.

4 pillars to create impactful video explainers

 Turning a research paper into a video script 
    Gathering footage and soundtracks
 Hands-on tutorial: editing seamlessly  
     Disseminating your video content

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Video tools offer new opportunities to collect and analyse data.


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