expand your NETWORK and your horizons

The benefits of online research conferences are manifold – and scientists want virtual meetings to stay after the COVID pandemic, according to Nature.  
Over the last year, many researchers have been able to attend more meetings than ever before because of online portals and were also given more opportunities to present their work. Drawing larger crowds, online conferences are more efficient at the scientific level. However, many online meetings lack some of the benefits of an in-person conference, such as conversations over dinner; face-to-face networking. Many scholars miss the opportunity to meet people and to interact with friends and colleagues.


At OxCo, we are dedicated to making the most of online events by bringing life back to the party. To favour genuine connection between scholars, students, and partners, our portfolio of social activities include:

Icebreakers, including conversation facilitation for large groups, as well as networking sessions and small-group activities in dedicated breakout rooms 

Social gatherings including smart games for all ages (anagrams to help participants remember each other’s names, quiz on the presentations with awards).

Unique transnational wine tasting sessions allowing participants to share a meaningful moment remotely and learn about wine, while getting to know each other in a relaxed setting. This concept can be adapted to different audiences with beer or tea tasting sessions.

Through our unique blend of conversation facilitation, networking activities, and fun, we enable participants to meet, connect, and share in a positive and productive way.