Maximise the impact of your work

Here are a few popular solutions for academic communications.

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Animated explainer

Short bespoke animation video for websites and social media. 


Provide us with your CV and we will produce a video introduction to your career and your work, with a map of the places where you worked, a timeline of your publications, and graphs for your bibliometrics.

Meet the team

An engaging presentation of your team for institutional websites and social media accounts.


  • Interview of permanent staff members
  • Shooting of the premises
  • Video editing inc. kinetic typography, voiceover, music.
'Welcome to' your research centre

A video introduction to your research centre for institutional website and social media accounts. Ideal for student outreach.


  • Shooting of the premises
  • Interview of permanent staff members
  • interview with selected students
  • video editing inc. kinetic typography, voiceover, music
  • animated logo
  • branded video template design.

From a research paper or an interview, we can produce impactful summaries of ongoing or completed research projects.

We can produce different versions in parallel, to disseminate your research findings to various audiences (colleagues, students, partners, and funders) and support impact activities targeting journalists, policymakers, or the public.


If you are giving a talk:
Based on your talk and your slides, we can produce various formats maximising the impact of your message, the extent of the information you can convey, information retention, and audience engagement.

If you are convening a seminar series:
We can support you in various ways, including by liaising with the speakers to pre-record and enliven their talks, which can also allow them to respond to the questions of the audience during the seminar itself, or by moderating the Q&As.

To motivate students, we can organise a final quiz, with questions related to the different talks of the seminar series, with a prize.