02RB 2022: Video Training for Research Impact, Academic Engagement and Science Communication


  • Postgraduate Researcher in Human Geography
  • The University of Manchester
  • Video 4 Impact – O2RB – 2022

Postgraduate researcher in Human Geography. My research focuses on creative practices of placemaking under conditions of urban precarity and austerity, particularly those undertaken by vulnerable women.

Thesis: ‘Making home in the margins: creative placemaking under precarity in Barcelona’. Supervised by Prof. Sarah Marie Hall, Prof. Erik Swyngedouw, and Dr. Santiago Leyva del Rio.

Funded by a SEED Future Leaders Studentship, in collaboration with the UKRI-funded Austerity and Altered Life-Courses Project.

I recently completed an MPhil in Nature, Society, and Environmental Governance at the University of Oxford. My thesis, ‘Encountering the past, prefiguring the future: Archives of autonomous feminist housing action in London (1969-present)’, drew from archival materials concerning underrepresented histories of feminist housing activism and squatting in late 20th century London, as well as (auto)ethnographic accounts of the city’s ‘radical’ archives and the archivists who preserve, protect, and mobilise them.

My PhD will continue to be concerned with social reproduction; gendered dimensions of urban crisis, displacement, and eviction; and the continual, invisible, creative labour of homemaking and unmaking (which predominatly falls to women) in precarious spaces — this time focusing on contemporary actions in Barcelona.

Methodologically, I am committed to a feminist and decolonial approach centering reciprocity and resourcefulness and incorporating creative, participatory methods.

Prior to postgraduate studies, I worked across the creative arts in Los Angeles, for nonprofits including the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), and Inner City Arts.

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