HUMs 2023: Video Training for Research Impact, Academic Engagement and Science Communication


  • Faculty of History
  • University of Oxford
  • Video 4 Impact – HUMS – 2023

Gloria is a third-year doctoral student specialising in modern and contemporary art with an interest in the invisible, the discarded and what lies in the margins. Her current research centers on the interactions between the visual arts and the relatively new medium of photography by examining the oeuvre of the Italian photographer Ugo Mulas (1928-1973).

Prior to her graduate studies, Gloria assisted in researching and organising exhibitions for curators at the Triennale Museum, Milan, and in the Department of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. She holds a Bachelor’s degree (with First Class Honours) in History of Art from UCL and a Master’s from the University of Oxford.

Her current project is supported by national and international scholarships and travel grants, including an Isaiah Berlin Scholarship, a Travel Grant from the Terra Foundation for American Art that allowed her to carry out extensive archival research in the US and a TORCH-funded studentship at the Fondazione Cini in Venice, where she will be residing in Spring 2022.

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