SAME 2023: Video Training for Research Impact, Academic Engagement and Science Communication


  • Departmental Lecturer in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology
  • University of Oxford
  • Video 4 Research – SAME – 2023

I am an anthropologist and designer whose work is situated at the intersection of visual, material and economic anthropology, textiles and ethnoecology. I am interested in the relationships that craftspeople have with the environments from which they extract and use resources during commodity production, and identify historical and contemporary links that concern the exploitation of ecosystems, workers and underrepresented communities. I have carried out ethnographic work with Harris Tweed weavers in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland (2015) and received a DPhil in Anthropology from the University of Oxford (2021) with a thesis based on twelve months of apprenticeship-based fieldwork with natural dye craftspeople on the island of Amami Oshima, southern Japan. In 2021 I served as a Robert & Lisa Sainsbury Fellow at the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures in Norwich. My current research explores the intersection of textiles and agriculture in diverse geographies to understand how producers are adapting their practices in the context of challenging environmental, social and economic conditions. I have a broad range of interests that include heritage and museum studies and I am actively exploring innovative ethnographic methodologies such as design and apprenticeship.

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